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Our Projects

New Daperma - Insurance Claim Application


It is innovative insurance platforms providing a comprehensive set of features to enhance the user experience and streamline insurance processes. The websites include:

  1. Insurance Products Overview: Comprehensive information about various insurance products offered by Daperma, enabling users to understand the coverage and benefits of each plan.
  2. Quotation System: A built-in feature for users to obtain insurance quotes instantly, providing a seamless and transparent pricing experience.
  3. Online Application: An integrated system for users to apply for insurance coverage directly from the website, making the process convenient and time-efficient.
  4. Claim Submission: The platform allows users to submit insurance claims online, simplifying the typically complex and time-consuming process.
  5. Policy Management: Users have access to manage their insurance policies, including policy details, renewal, and updates, directly from their account.
  6. Customer Support: The platform also provides direct customer support to address queries and issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Overall, New Daperma represent a one-stop solution for insurance needs, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers.


INKOPDIT (Induk Koperasi Kredit)

Release Date

April 22nd, 2021