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Our Projects

Google Ads - Kelas Aktuaria by Data Polis Edukasi


Experience impressive results with Google Ads campaign for “Actuarial Class” by Data Polis Edukasi. We targeted two main goal categories: website traffic and brand awareness through paid promotion.

Website Traffic:

– Significant increase in website traffic: By leveraging Google Ads, the campaign successfully attracted a substantial number of visitors to the “Kelas Aktuaria” website. The optimized ad placements and strategic targeting contributed to the surge in traffic.
– High-quality traffic with excellent conversion rates: The campaign effectively targeted the relevant audience, resulting in a high-quality traffic stream. Visitors showed strong interest in the course, leading to impressive conversion rates.
– Increased enrollment and engagement: With the improved website traffic, there was a noticeable increase in class enrollment and active participation. More visitors took action by registering for the class and engaging with the educational content.

Brand Awareness:

– Enhanced brand recognition: Through compelling ad creatives and consistent messaging, the campaign successfully increased brand recognition. The “Kelas Aktuaria” by Data Polis Edukasi gained visibility and recognition in the industry.
– Strengthened brand identity: By leveraging brand-focused ad strategies, the campaign contributed to building a strong brand identity for “Kelas Aktuaria.” The class became synonymous with quality education and expertise in the field of actuary.
– Improved market positioning: The increased brand awareness and recognition further solidified Data Polis Edukasi as a reputable source for actuarial education, setting it apart from competitors.

Paid Promotion Goal:

The primary goal of the Google Ads campaign was twofold: first, to attract a targeted and relevant audience to the “Kelas Aktuaria” website, and second, to enhance brand awareness in the actuarial and insurance industry. By achieving these goals, Data Polis Edukasi succeeded in establishing itself as a leading provider of actuarial education, attracting more students and expanding its reach in the market. The campaign’s success can be attributed to strategic planning, data-driven optimization, and an effective combination of website traffic and brand awareness strategies.

Release Date

July 20th – August 2nd, 2023