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Valuasi Aktuaria PSAK 24 Calculation System


This project is an embodiment of digital innovation in the field of actuarial services with our partner, Kantor Konsultan Aktuaria Arya Bagiastra, precisely focusing on the actuarial calculations for PSAK 24 regulations. It showcases a well-thought-out user interface, strategically designed to ensure easy navigation and quick comprehension. With its intuitive functionality, users can input the parameters that suit their specific needs, and the platform instantly delivers accurate and compliant results. This substantially reduces the complexity often associated with such actuarial tasks, making the process efficient and accessible.

In addition to its core calculation feature, the site also offers a transparent pricing model. This adds a layer of trust and understanding, as users can clearly see the costs associated with the different services offered. But the site isn’t just a tool; it’s also a resource. It features a wealth of informative content about actuarial concepts and guidelines, aiding user understanding and decision-making.

Security is another key aspect of the platform. Robust security measures ensure users can confidently navigate the site and input their data without worrying about data integrity. From the start to finish, those features provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure environment for all your actuarial calculation needs.


Kantor Konsultan Aktuaria (KKA) Arya Bagiastra

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