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EzTakaful - Insurance Enrollment System


Formerly, the EzTakaful website had separate rooms for insurance products but limited customization. Our solution: separate “houses” (websites) for marketing and enrollment, maximizing benefits. The marketing site focuses on SEO and web structure, while the enrollment site uses adaptable technology.

Users won’t notice the change as subdomains maintain consistent design. For example, the primary site is house number 21, while enrollment redirects to house number 21A – a separate site with the same design. The main points in this web development as follow:

  1. Enrollment Web Development Services – Our team will create separate enrollment websites for each product using Laravel technology, which offers enhanced long-term strategic support compared to the existing WordPress platform. Although there will be four distinct products with different subdomains, the design, user flow, and functionality will remain consistent across all sites.
  2. Security Enhancement – protect data and web flow to ensure that all transactions will more secure and encrypted.
  3. Integration to Third Parties – ensure seamless integration with third-party services such as payment gateways and Rapid for policy generation through API implementation, streamlining user interactions and transactions on the enrollment websites.

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